“Working 9 to 5” … well, it’s not working for me!

“Work 9 to 5. It’s safe. Don’t take risks. Just pay the bills.”


How often did your parents give this advice, say these statements or role model this to you?


It such a common paradigm and belief set that comes up so often with the female entrepreneurs I work with one on one in my business and those I connect and network with. Often these women have an internal struggle happening as they build and run their business because where they want to be is out of alignment with the beliefs and paradigms that have been passed down the line. This misalignment causes blocks, indecisiveness and uncertainty.


Here are my 3 tips to identify and move this unhealthy paradigm into new beliefs:


1) Get clear on what “working 9 to 5” actually means for you.

While it is a common value set to come down the generations, it means different things to different families. Get clear on what it acutally means in your family line. What did working 9 to 5 actually look like? What kind of “work” was modeled to you as being ok? Was it easy or hard? Was it ok, within the family paradigm, to change careers? Really define what 9 to 5 means to you and your family. Then define what it is you want. Notice the difference between the two. If there is a vast difference, then you can get a sense of how it’s causing an internal battle or struggle and why may be so tired all the time.


2) Recognise that this pattern was a way in which your Ancestral Lineage protected themselves and survived.

Our DNA is influenced by the previous 7 generations that have gone before us. In 7 generations, that is roughly 175 years of experiences and challenges. Within that our ancestors have experienced varying degrees of financial challenges and stress. One of the biggest ones I still see influencing the DNA of those I work with is the Great Depression. A time when they needed to do whatever they could do in order to survive, literally. By recognsing and acknowledging where they come from you can begin to understand that this belief system isn’t even yours.


3) Connect into how you WANT to be.

Whilst our subconscious carries all of the DNA and beliefs passed down the line, you can also connect in with it to help you shape where you want to go. The power of the subconscious mind is well documented and it doesn’t know what is real and isn’t real. It speaks the language of emotions. My favourite way to get your subconscious on your side is to get really clear about what you want and create a movie around it. A movie starting from when you wake up until when you go to bed. Include exactly how you want your day to unfold and MOST importantly, how you feel while doing that. Add in all your senses. The more you feel this movie, the faster your subconscious and RAS will seek it out.


Let me know how you go!


Much love,



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