Have you spent too much time, money and energy trying to release blocks that just don’t budge?

Today’s blog is going to explain why some of these blocks (patterns, beliefs, fears), just won’t shift. That is because sometimes they are not yours.


What exactly is someone else’s block and why are you picking up on it thinking and feeling as if it is yours?


We inherit our DNA from the previous 7 generations so sometimes the baggage you are picking up on isn’t even yours and no matter what you do, you don’t seem to be able to “crack” it and release it. I spent 5 years and thousands of dollars on private sessions, one (very expensive) retreat, different modalities, one 10 week face-to-face program and read countless books and still couldn’t work through this feeling I had around money. I could feel this block inside me and after all that time knew that I had addressed most of my patterns and blocks and yet couldn’t release this knowing that there was something there.


Then I channeled in my Ancestral Reading and Clearing. I went through all 7 generations of my Ancestors beliefs and patterns. My father’s mother is English and married and Australian solider and moved to Australia after WW2. When reading each of my grandmother’s Ancestors I realized that my grandmother had married my grandfather in order to provide her children and grandchildren with the opportunities she didn’t have. She was destined to become a servant, as had a long line of Taylor’s. My grandmother’s lineage was extremely impoverished. There wasn’t just a lack of money, there was a lack of basics in order to survive. There was starvation, homelessness, illegal doings to get ahead and working incredibly hard to provide the mere basics of food, water and shelter. There were beliefs such as:


“Money is hard to come by”

“Work hard for nothing”

“The only way to get money is illegally”

“Life is a burden, I am a burden”

“You have to work VERY hard”


I knew none of this prior to the Ancestral Reading yet I could feel them inside me. I couldn’t understand them or where they had come from, yet I knew they were there.


You might be wondering how to our Ancestors baggage finds it’s way into us. The level of energy that goes into an intention or belief and the heightened emotional reaction that occurs when beliefs are made create molecular and cellular changes to our DNA and this energy is passed down the line and we find ourselves trying to clear up baggage we don’t understand or that isn’t ours.


How to identify whether something is yours:

1) Ask your body if it is yours. Do this by standing neutral and feeling your energy drop into between your heart space and gut. Ask your body to reveal a yes and a no. Say “is my name _____?(use your name)” and you will find your body moving forward or backwards, like an invisible string is at your gut region pulling you one way. You may not necessarily move, but you will feel the pull. That is your body signal for “yes”. Then say “is my name Bob? (or any other name that isn’t yours)” No will be signaled the other way. It doesn’t matter which way your body moves for yes or no, just as long as it is different and you can identify which is yes or no.

Then tune into your body, dropping into your soul space (between heart and gut) and asking if this block is yours. Is it your karmic energy? Is it your belief set? Is it yours to deal with? If the answer is no, then you don’t pay it attention and give it time and energy.


2) Get a scrap piece of paper and some coloured pens. Write down all the blocks, patterns, beliefs and thoughts that are causing you challenges, bothering you or sabotaging you. Leave it for 24 hours and then come back to it. Go through the list and intuitively highlight the ones you know are not yours. Don’t think about it, just highlight. Follow your instinct. You will know what is and isn’t yours.


If you want to you can release it from the space it was created so the way it is impacting you no longer does, such as an Ancestral Clearing.


Let me know what you found that isn’t yours!


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