I’m doing what that I love, I’m empowering and serving others, I’m doing the work on myself … when is it going to filter down to me?

“I’m doing what that I love, I’m empowering and serving others, I’m doing the work on myself … when is it going to filter down to me?”


In today’s blog I’m going to explain why abundance may not be filtering down to you, even if you are doing all the work and suggest some strategies you can easily utilize to help reconnect that flow again and how your ancestors are influencing that process for you.


It seems as if all of us who have stepped into doing what we love have found ourselves in a space where we feel like we are giving more than we are receiving. We are putting hours into our passion, we are investing energy and money yet we aren’t seeing the financial reward at the end of the week.


When I first started by coach took me through an exercise where I worked out my hourly rate in my new business. It was $6. Yes, that is right, $6. I cried and felt depressed. All the work I had been doing and I was getting $6 an hour. I left a $45 an hour job to earn $6. In those moments I wondered why on earth I was pursuing this.


It was in these moments that I realized I needed to redefine what my work was. Here are the 4 strategies I took to help shift my thinking and my turnover:

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1) Understand the true nature of the entrepreneurial path.

If you are counting your success by your hourly rate, you are in a job mentality. It is one small benchmark on the pathway for success. Yes, income is VERY important, and I’ll get to it shortly, but for the purposes of this point I’m going to take your focus away from your hourly rate and turnover and focus on other aspects of abundance. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who happen to have a spiritual or connected value set permeating their business. They do what they do and it’s not for money, it really is for their passion. Start understanding that doing the work you love and running your own business brings you a mass amount of learning, growth and abundance in many forms. Just as the birth of a child does, it shakes up in you all the pieces that need healing. Business brings up all the things you to complete, right in your face, and once you understand the gifts and abundance in a non-monetary form, you open yourself up to financial abundance.


2) Visualize your success and connect with it daily.

If you’ve worked with me I’m sure you are sick of hearing me harp on about this because I say it all the time. I say it because it works and I mean it genuinely works. It is one of the most simplest and easiest processes you can do.

Identify what your ideal day is, from when you wake up to when you go to bed. Identify who you want to work with, the hours you want to work, the food you eat, the money in your bank account, how you feel in your body and make this into a movie. Play this movie 3 times a day, every day for at least 28 days and then keep going! Put as much emotion into it as you can and use all your senses. Smell the food you are cooking, hear the sound of your feet on the road as you run and feel how good it feels to deliver a killer session with a client.


This is powerful because it connects straight with the subconscious. Our subconscious doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t real. It has no capacity to dwell on the past or fantasize about the future. It just accepts whatever you give it. Whatever message you deliver to it, it then sets the RAS (reticular activating system) off to search for it, like a heat seeking missile.


If you are feeding your subconscious and RAS messages of “I don’t have any money” or “no-one wants my services” then that are the experiences that will be delivered to you. So feed your subconscious what you want it to find.


And if you are having a really bad day, we all have them, just wear your movie like a putting on a jumper, then go back to your bad day. You are worthy of all your dreams so commit to yourself for 28 days.


2) Bring in some yin or feminine aspects into business.

Our Western culture is masculine, or yang, heavy in our way of doing business. We plan, organize, structure, detail and focus solely on business. When we step back and do something that is completely not business related we can actually make huge leaps forward in our growth and business.


I get my biggest business insights when I’m playing with my 2 year old son, on the floor playing with his trains on his train track and building houses and pushing the fire truck around the floor totally and completely engaged in him. The biggest insights drop into my head, new ideas open up and the phone rings. Why? Because in those moments I’m in my heart space, connecting to the love of my life (well, the one other than my hubby) and I’m creative. That is the feminine energy playing out in it’s full. Being in nature, playing with pets, painting or anything else that opens up your heart space and brings up creativity is stepping into the yin space and it is just as essential to building a business as is writing a business plan.


Some of my other favourite yin tasks include jumping on the trampoline, roller skating 5kms pushing the pram, soak in the tub, wrestling and playing games with my 2 year on the bed laughing our heads off and walking through the rainforest. When I am present in these experiences, I have massive breakthroughs personally and professionally.


I call it my Feminine Business Plan.


4) Clear your Ancestral Lineage

Of course I was going to mention this! With the previous 7 generations impacting our DNA and the history that these 7 generations have around money, it’s no wonder I’m mentioning it. In the last 150 years we have had 2 world wars, a Great Depression and numerous episodes of scarcity of food, shelter and money. In all of us, our Ancestral Lineage is impacting our money patterns now.


You are already working on yourself and yet the problem is still there! Every time you come up to an advancement, the next level, a price range … something happens. You get sick, the kids get sick, some big bills turn up or you are filled with fear. If this is you, then it’s not yours. I’ll say it again, it isn’t yours. You don’t need to be living this pattern anymore. You can release it and it is much easier than you think. You don’t even have to know who your Ancestors are to release them.


So there they are. My 4 tips to helping you allow financial flow back into your passion. What are your favourite ways to bring in the feminine energy to your business and professional life? Share them here on my facebook page LINK as I would love to hear about them.


Much love,


ancestral reader and clearer


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