Genetic Mutations can teach you so much – ours taught us about fermenting

I spent years being bothered by skin itching. It use to drive me insane. Sometimes there would be a small rash and other times there would be nothing at all and yet my skin would itch like crazy. Nothing seemed to help.


When the itching intensified while I was pregnant with my son, it kept me up at night. It would wake me up and I couldn’t sleep. I ended up with these red inflamed areas turning up on my body randomly. Nothing seemed to work. No lotions or potions offered any relief. It quite literally drove me insane.


After my son was born things settled down a little bit for me to a manageable state. I figured the intensity was just one of those “being pregnant” things I had to deal with. When my son turned 6 months and we started to introduce him to food, he started breaking out in random rashes. His face and neck seemed to be the worst and every now and then, his whole body would be covered. Sometimes they disappeared for a week and other weeks, they would be there every morning. Upon a break out, he wouldn’t sleep very well for 3 days. We would spend 3 nights up with him, soothing him. That period of time between 6 months and 12 months was incredibly hard. We had little sleep because if it wasn’t rashes keeping him up, my little monkey seemed to get most of his teeth during that period of time as well. 16 teeth in 9 months and he felt it all. Nothing seemed to offer much in the way of relief for his skin. We saw practitioners and GPs, most of whom just wanted to treat the symptoms. Doing the work I do, I wanted to get to the cause and heal it there.


gut health mthfr gene mutation


Whilst this was happening we had first become aware of the MTHFR gene mutation and we were all being tested for that. Before our results came back, we were going through a particularly difficult few weeks with no sleep. I booked into another practitioner to see if they could help us. I mentioned MTHFR and the symptoms we had. I told her I strongly believed all three of us had it and as I looked into our family lineage, I could see that it is pretty obvious MTHFR is coming down both our family lines. Soon after, it was confirmed Justin and I had passed the genetic mutation down to our son.


This practitioner took one look at me and said “it’s gut health. You call have poor gut health.”

So simple. Why hadn’t anyone mentioned it to us before?

Something that should be so obvious to those in the health industry was missed by so many.


She gave me some products and a strategy to heal our guts. Remove all gluten and dairy from both myself and my son as it was coming through my milk and eat lots of fermented foods. Within 4 weeks all symptoms disappeared, itching disappeared and my son’s sleep wasn’t so greatly impacted.


It’s been over a year since we began fermenting vegetables and brewing our own kombucha. I am so grateful for what that time in our life has taught us. If my son hadn’t been born with lip, tongue and buccal ties we never would have found a way to heal the itchy skin, we never would have known about MTHFR gene mutation and I never would have developed a way clear these mutations out of family lines. It has been such a blessing.


Here is my favourite fermenting tip:

Add fresh organic turmeric. Tumeric is so good for your gut however, unless you have a healthy gut to begin with, it is hard to get the goodness out of turmeric. It becomes a bit of a catch 22 with turmeric and turmeric isn’t water soluble. It’s fat soluble. So add it to kombucha (second brew) and to ferments. That begins the “digestive” process so by the time you eat it or drink it, all the wonderful healing properties of turmeric are there for you!


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