Have you ever wondered why you behave the way you do?

Today’s blog is about explaining where you might be getting some of your traits,quirks or behaviours from and how certain genes and traits are passed down.


It is common knowledge that we inherit traits and behaviours from our parents and sometimes even grandparents or aunts or uncles. We might be able to run fast like our grandfather did, we might have the exact same hair colour as our aunt or we might have sucked our thumb when we were children just like a cousin did.


There is an area of science called epigenetics which focuses on how genes are turned on and off and what triggers that. In the last couple of decades there has been a focus on behavioural epigenetics and looking at why we behave in certain ways and where it comes from and why certain genes are ‘turned on’ or ‘turned off’ in each and every person.


If you have been following what I have been doing since I began S.E.L.F. Journey, you will know that heightened emotional responses, strong intentions and an inability to cope with difficult situations causes emotions to become trapped inside cells and genetic changes to take place at a cellular and molecular level. I’ve witnessed hundreds of people I’ve conducted Journey Processes with release this trauma. I’ve watched energy bodies transform and people’s live completely change as a result.




Whilst on Maternity Leave this year, I began working on clearing my Ancestors. We inherit our DNA from the previous 7 Generations that have gone before us right up to our great great great great grandparents. In the past 7 generations there has been plenty of trauma, including two World Wars and a great depression. As my capacity to channel and read energy bodies has opened greatly since having my son, I could see the need for my Ancestors trauma to be released.


Through channeling in my 7 Generations I started to see some patterns unfolding. My father’s mother was English. She came from extreme poverty. She was a serving girl and if she hadn’t married my grandfather, her children and ultimately her grandchildren would have been facing a similar pathway. In fact, I have second cousins in the U.K. who indeed live the uneducated, government hand-out lifestyle they were born into. We would have most likely followed the same path. My grandmother saw that marrying an Australian solider as an opportunity for her future children. As I went back through our generations I began to uncover not just extreme physical poverty within my father’s mother’s line, but I also noticed the deep and intense beliefs that they all had about money and poverty. It was rife amongst that line. I also noticed how they played out in me. One that was really strong and prevalent in my life, and my parent’s, was a belief that you had to work really hard for every little cent you received.


On my mother’s side, which is German, there are some very strong and powerful women amongst them. As I channeled down my mother’s mother’s line I noticed this intense power coming through. They were all gifted Medicine Women. All profoundly clairvoyant and all had shut it down. All of the women going through that line were first born and very powerful. Being the first born and female on my side I could see how it was dormant in me and how I had mistaken that power for other things. I opened it up in a beautiful healthy way. Since that opening and activation my clairvoyant and medium skills have really opened up. Since clearing away the poverty beliefs my business is taking off again and in a way it didn’t the first time, even though I only reopened a few weeks ago.


This is just one example of how clearing ancestors can explain why you do what you do. I’ve been working with one lady who had one quarter of her Ancestors shut down or push aside their feminine energy. It explained so much to her. The beliefs around it were staggering. We have opened it up. She is more connected to her creativity, her intuition and her cycle has settled into something manageable and regular. She could see just how her Ancestors beliefs were playing out in her.


Ancestral Clearing Map

Ancestral Map

How to identify the Ancestral patterns in your life

  • Write down a list of behaviours, patterns or beliefs that are causing you stress or creating challenges in your life and work with one at a time
  • Have a look at your Ancestral Map (if you haven’t got one yet, feel free to contact me and I will email you a copy)
  • Have a look at your Ancestral Map and identify anyone on it, who you know or know of, might have the same trait. If you start to see it showing up, you know it is a family pattern.

Sometimes they can be tricky to see as family patterns become part of us from such a young age.


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