The Difference Between Ancestral and Lineage


I’ve been getting questions about the difference between Ancestral and Lineage by a few people lately so I thought I would answer it here.


They have two difference meanings, in the work that I do.


Ancestral is the group you belong to, your family, your tribe and your extended relatives. This can include aunts, uncles, cousins, great-grandma’s sister. They are your ancestors. They are part of your heritage.


The way I use the word lineage is to describe your ancestors who have impacted your  DNA directly and they are parent to child connection. So you, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother … all the way up to great-great-great-great-grandmother – the full 7 generations. And of course, your father’s side as well.


When I work with you to clear out your Ancestral Lineage, we are clearing out the blocks that are coming directly down your lineage (the parent-child connection) and any influence your ancestors have on you that have impacted the way your DNA has formed.


Cellular and molecular changes to the DNA occur when trauma hasn’t been completed. In order for it to be completed the energy needs to leave the body otherwise it is retained in the cells and causes changes. You don’t have to directly experience trauma to have an energetic and bodily response. Events such as witnessing an accident or watching something on TV can cause such a response. Your lineage can be part of experiences in their family and tribe (your ancestors) that cause these changes to their cells and DNA. This is why we work with “ancestral lineage” when we are clearing out those blocks and beliefs.


Hope that makes sense. Any questions, just let me know!!




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