What is the difference between Ancestral Reading and Ancestral Clearing?

You’ve probably seen me use the terms Ancestral Clearing and Ancestral Reading and you might be wondering what is the difference.


The two are very different and have very different intentions. An Ancestral Reading is where, together, we channel through information about your Ancestors. Yes, both of us, even if I am the only clairvoyant or medium in the session! Never underestimate what you bring to an Ancestral Reading. You will already know intuitively, you will ‘feel’ it inside yourself as truth.


Back to the Ancestral Reading … it is where we uncover details about each individual Ancestor in your 7 Generations. Details such as medical conditions, emotions they felt, beliefs they had, the way they viewed the world, traumatic experiences, where they lived and what they did will be revealed during a Reading.


Now an Ancestral Clearing is when we remove or release anything within your body, within your DNA, from your Ancestors that isn’t serving you anymore. It is the transformational session that makes changes at a cellular level. It is a physiological experience, meaning, the healing occurs at a mental, emotional and physical level.


You might be wondering how we actually go about these tasks. I will be explaining the nitty gritty on how I actually do the Ancestral Clearing in the next blog.


Now let me compare the two in a real example using my own Ancestral Map below. Have a look at the pink line coming down all the women from my mother’s mother’s side. That is the power line running through my Ancestors. It’s very strong and potent. Each of the women in this line were first born girls.  Ancestor #18 had this tremendous healing power inside of her. She was phenomenal and incredibly gifted. When I channeled her I knew that she was brought a young boy to heal who happened to be the son of a very rich and well known man. At first glance she knew he couldn’t be healed as he was too sickly so helped him pass with as little pain and as much dignity as possible. Upon his death, the boy’s escort pointed the finger at her and told her that her days alive were numbered. She worked as a healer along side her parents, who too, were gifted healers. The only way to keep her parents, and herself alive, was to shut down her power, change her identity and run away. So she did. The power continued to show up down the line as fear and tried to rise through all generations, including myself, leaving it feeling like anxiety and insomnia. This is an Ancestral Reading.


The clearing took place when I drew down her beliefs, connected into her intention and heightened emotion when that experience and decision was made. When I cleared it out of that line, released the emotions around the heightened experience and intention, released the beliefs and behaviors that had come down the line, rescinded the vow and reopened it. This is an Ancestral Clearing.


For me, my power opened immediately, my business grew quickly and suddenly, faster than ever before and for the first time in my life I felt like I had come home.


That is just one person out of 126 Ancestors.


Imagine what information you could uncover from your Ancestral Map.


If you would like a copy of the Ancestral Map for you to have a look at on your own, contact me today and I can send a copy to you!

Much love,

Helena xoxo

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