Healing from disease

Genetic Mutations can teach you so much – ours taught us about fermenting

I spent years being bothered by skin itching. It use to drive me insane. Sometimes there would be a small rash and other times there would be nothing at all and yet my skin would itch like crazy. Nothing seemed to help.


When the itching intensified while I was pregnant with my son, it kept me up at night. It would wake me up and I couldn’t sleep. I ended up with these red inflamed areas turning up on… Continue reading

Why we don’t heal when we can

Nothing is impossible.

And after these last few months, I truly believe it.


Here’s the proof…


This is a photo of my dog Cobra post procedure, who was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax – a tear in his lung.


Once our local vets stabilised him and we were told to get him to Brisbane to see a vet specialist to treat the disease. Most common way to treat is lung surgery. As you could appreciate it wasn’t exactly… Continue reading

Guest Speaker – Hayley Wallace coming to Mackay

An invitation to find …


Mind, Body and Energy


North Mackay Bowls Club – the Den

Malcomson St, North Mackay


1st October 2012

7:30pm – 9:15pm

$10 per person

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Healing, not Curing Dis-ease – Part 2

Healing the Mental Body

Get your thinking right!

Beliefs play major role in our lives. We all have beliefs that we carry around like a backpack. Sometimes we don’t know what those beliefs are, as they are buried below the surface. Often these beliefs are not ours, but given to us when we are children and we carry them around like they are our own. During the first 7 years of life, we are like a sponge. We take on board whatever the key adults (mostly our parents) in our lives tell us. We learn from what they say, how they behave and what they do. In those first 7 years, we don’t have the capacity to question if we believe what we are being told or what we are seeing. A Personalised S.E.L.F. Journey Process is a simple and elegant technique that allows you to uncover these hidden unhealthy beliefs and clear them out for good. 

I have a limited number of 50% of Journey Processing vouchers on offer. Contact us today!

When we have something going on with us and it has been with us over a period of time stop and consider how this dis-ease or illness is giving us some sort of benefit. Somewhere below our conscious awareness there will be some form of secondary gain as to why we are holding onto it. One of the first sessions I did with Justin was to find out why he was still hanging onto cancer. Consciously, he didn’t want to be sick and he definitely didn’t want cancer, but as we dug a little deeper we uncovered two reasons as to why he still had cancer after 4 months.

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Healing, not Curing Dis-ease – Part 1

Healing the Physical Body

Did you know we come in contact with a large amount of toxins everyday? Chemicals are everywhere – they are in what we drink and eat, in the air we breathe, on the clothes we wear, in the toys we buy our kids, in the plastic water bottle we drink out of and in the cleaning products we put on our skin.

Toxic products cause a lot of problems to the body. The National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (US) analysed 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products and 884 (30%) of them were deemed toxic.

In order for our bodies to heal, we need to reduce the toxic overload. When chemicals end up in our bodies, they enter every cell and organ in our system. Chemical’s place our bodies under stress and our kidneys need to work 3 times harder to help balance out our bloodstream. When organs become clogged and burdened with chemicals it can lead to chronic dis-ease, premature ageing, depression and mood alterations.

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Emotional Drivers

An emotional driver is a core emotion (such as fear, unworthiness, rejection) that we avoid at all costs and it is “hidden” in our subconscious brain. Once imbedded it can dictate our behaviour, attitude, beliefs and thoughts without us being aware of it. It is what drives us to react and respond in certain ways often in ways, which we feel like we have “no control” over. When an emotion is present we can either feel it or we can fix it.


Unfortunately, as a society, we tend to fix emotion. And this “fixing” starts in childhood and is reinforced throughout our lives. A baby expresses what he or she is feeling without a second thought. As children we are taught ways to handle emotions from parents, teachers, grandparents and adults who have been taught by previous generations. Through this social conditioning, we are taught how to deny and suppress our emotions as a way of fixing them. Even well-intentional parents do this – ever had your child go from happy, smiling and cuddling to whining, cranky and screaming in 10 seconds in the middle of the grocery shopping? And yes, there are times when we need to “fix” an emotion, such as keeping our 2 year old happy for 10 minutes at the bank rather than them expressing their anger in a tantrum while you are lining up!


It’s not the “fixing” of emotions that is wrong; it is the not feeling of emotions in order to heal that creates problems.

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Identify Your Secondary Gains

In order to get to the inner freedom you are seeking, you need to consider how remaining stuck or how the blockage is providing you with some benefit. Before you write this idea off completely and tell me “don’t be ridiculous, there is absolutely no benefit for me being stuck here”, really stop and consider this because once you begin to see how remaining stuck is giving you “something”, the whole “story” you have going on begins to fall apart and your new life, your ideal life, that is just waiting around the corner begins to manifest.


The sneaky thing about these benefits is that they can hide from you and you often aren’t consciously aware they are there. Once you become aware of it you can begin the process of releasing it. You owe it to yourself to be open about this and really look for your secondary gains!


Awareness is the first step!


Before considering this, give yourself at least 30 to 45 minutes of quiet uninterrupted time. Ensure you take some long, deep breaths in and allow your body to be in a relaxed state prior to this task. We recommend you meditate for 20 minutes prior to completing this activity.


After you have relaxed, answer the following questions and allow the answers to come bubbling up. Write down whatever comes to mind without filtering it or judging it. Just write! When writing an answer to each question, write down 3 or 4 responses to each question. It doesn’t matter if they are completely different answers, just write it all down. Are you getting the idea? Just write. The more answers you can bring up, the deeper you go into your subconscious to where these issues are stored. You may ask a supportive and open friend to ask you these questions and write down the answers for you. Just make sure they are also grounded and centered.

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