Ancestral Readings

Genetic Mutations can teach you so much – ours taught us about fermenting

I spent years being bothered by skin itching. It use to drive me insane. Sometimes there would be a small rash and other times there would be nothing at all and yet my skin would itch like crazy. Nothing seemed to help.


When the itching intensified while I was pregnant with my son, it kept me up at night. It would wake me up and I couldn’t sleep. I ended up with these red inflamed areas turning up on… Continue reading

Ancestors and Business Failure: how our ancestral beliefs are impacting business today

In our parent’s, and even our grandparent’s day, they were taught to “work hard” and “bring home the bacon”. They did tough jobs, worked long hours and didn’t complain. Most, in their generation, found themselves in jobs they didn’t even like but it paid the bills.


Terms like “an honest days work” or “it ain’t real work unless you get your hands dirty” were firm beliefs of that generation. One way or another, we have been immersed in these… Continue reading

I’m doing what that I love, I’m empowering and serving others, I’m doing the work on myself … when is it going to filter down to me?

“I’m doing what that I love, I’m empowering and serving others, I’m doing the work on myself … when is it going to filter down to me?”


In today’s blog I’m going to explain why abundance may not be filtering down to you, even if you are doing all the work and suggest some strategies you can easily utilize to help reconnect that flow again and how your ancestors are influencing that process for you.


It seems as… Continue reading

“Working 9 to 5” … well, it’s not working for me!

“Work 9 to 5. It’s safe. Don’t take risks. Just pay the bills.”


How often did your parents give this advice, say these statements or role model this to you?


It such a common paradigm and belief set that comes up so often with the female entrepreneurs I work with one on one in my business and those I connect and network with. Often these women have an internal struggle happening as they build and run their business… Continue reading

How beliefs can change your DNA

In today’s blog I’m going to explain how beliefs can change DNA. Before we begin, please know, I am not a scientist and I don’t have any science qualifications. What I do have is years of working with people at intuitive, energy based level and I have seen and experienced personally, the impact beliefs have on DNA. There are many scientists, such as Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Candace Pert, who have the science behind what I’m about to… Continue reading

What is the difference between Ancestral Reading and Ancestral Clearing?

You’ve probably seen me use the terms Ancestral Clearing and Ancestral Reading and you might be wondering what is the difference.


The two are very different and have very different intentions. An Ancestral Reading is where, together, we channel through information about your Ancestors. Yes, both of us, even if I am the only clairvoyant or medium in the session! Never underestimate what you bring to an Ancestral Reading. You will already know intuitively, you will ‘feel’ it… Continue reading

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