How beliefs can change your DNA

In today’s blog I’m going to explain how beliefs can change DNA. Before we begin, please know, I am not a scientist and I don’t have any science qualifications. What I do have is years of working with people at intuitive, energy based level and I have seen and experienced personally, the impact beliefs have on DNA. There are many scientists, such as Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Candace Pert, who have the science behind what I’m about to explain.


Before we go into it, I’ll explain what my interpretation of beliefs are so we both have the same understanding. There are many schools of thought on this and it has become a word that is somewhat of a catch phrase in our society. Some say beliefs are thoughts that are repeated over and over again until you believe them. Some say that beliefs are created when a heightened or strong emotion is attached to them. Others say that beliefs are created through our own experiences and through what authority figures say to us. Some say beliefs drive behavior. I agree with all of them.


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When beliefs are concretised, or formed, it often happens pre-verbally or pre-cognitively, meaning we don’t say it and we don’t actually think it. It happens behind the scenes. An experience happens to you. One day, while going for a run with my dog, Shelby, we were attacked by two pitball staffies. They ran down another street to get us and latched onto her. My screams drew everyone out to the street and it took five men 20 minutes to untangle her from the dogs’ mouths. She was a bloody mess and lucky to still be alive. The council told us it was the worst dog attack they had to date. After a couple of surgeries, she healed and her fur covered the scars. I became cautious (even terrified at times) of other dogs and it took a bit of work and I was able to move forward.


It wasn’t until 9 years later, when we talked about having our first child, that the image and the emotion of those scenes came flooding back. Weird right? What has my dog getting attacked got to do with me being extremely hesitant and resistant about having a baby?


During that experience I looked at my dog being mauled by a bigger dog and formed some beliefs. In those moments, without me realizing it, I formed a pretty strong beliefs that I would never be responsible for another helpless creature again (2 or 4 legged) because they would die and it would be my fault. I felt so incredibly guilty that I had put Shelby (my dog) in that position. She was a mess for a while after that. It was my fault. Heightened emotion, shock of the experience, followed by thinking it over and over again with guilt attached to it, being responsible for something that was unable to care for itself … and hello strong belief.


When a belief has a strong emotion and intention, such as the ones I formed during that attack, it creates an intense amount of energy, creating a new cellularenvironment that causes changes to the molecular and cellular structure of our DNA. The energy and emotion gets trapped in the cells and it is this that gets passed down through the DNA.


Cells respond to environmental changes. They are capable of learning, adapting and creating cellular memories that they pass onto their offspring (1). The beliefs created during that attack caused the cellular changes to take place in my body. Had I have not cleared them out, I really do doubt whether I would have agreed to have a baby. How I felt inside my body about not having children was so very strong and didn’t make sense.


The interesting part of this is that I was not consciously aware of any of this playing out. I just knew that I didn’t want to have a child.


The take away for you is that if you have some resistance to something and you feel it inside you body. It is worthwhile working with a healer who specializes in removing of beliefs from a core, cellular level, such as a Journey Practitioner. You might find the resistance you feel has nothing to do with the issue presenting at all, like I did about having a child. You might even find that a lot of what you are feeling isn’t even yours, it is have been passed down the line, from generations before you and an experience you have triggers a wave of feelings, emotions and beliefs from previous generations.


Much love,



(1) Lipton, B. (2008). The Biology of Beliefs. Hay House: London; Pert, C. (1997). Molecules of Emotion. Scriber: New York; Bays, B. (1999). The Journey. Harper Collins: London.




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