Ancestors and Business Failure: how our ancestral beliefs are impacting business today

In our parent’s, and even our grandparent’s day, they were taught to “work hard” and “bring home the bacon”. They did tough jobs, worked long hours and didn’t complain. Most, in their generation, found themselves in jobs they didn’t even like but it paid the bills.


Terms like “an honest days work” or “it ain’t real work unless you get your hands dirty” were firm beliefs of that generation. One way or another, we have been immersed in these beliefs. We have all seen the television commercials showing a sweaty and dirty man cracking open a beer after a hard day of work.


Fast-forward to 2016 and times have changed. Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are emerging. Gone are the 9 to 5 jobs and being stuck in traffic working for “the man”. Many of us are choosing our own hours working around our families doing work that we love. I can honestly say I feel so blessed to be able to do this in an era and place where our community encourages it.

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Yet, statistics show that only 1.5 out of 10 businesses that start up actually survive after 5 years. And a lot of dissecting has been done as to why. Market place, products, technology … there are a list of reasons why.


I want add another dimension to it, one that you may not have thought about. As an Energy Reader and Healer I am able to see further into just the surface of conversion rates, sales funnels and accounting challenges.


One of the biggest influence I see in female entrepreneurs is the old paradigms about what “work” really is, influencing this new way of being.

We are in a space where many of us are building businesses around our passions and talents. Skills that come easy to us and don’t actually feel like work. We are offering services that fill us up rather than drain us.


We have permission to build businesses around our family life. With the use of video conferencing, we can build a business from home working a few days a week and earn a full time wage.


It feels freeing and it feels easy. For some, it can feel a little bit too easy.


If your lineage (and to be honest, I’m yet to read someone’s ancestors who don’t have this paradigm flowing through them), that has a pattern that work is hard and I mean HARD and you are working in flow and with your talents, you will most likely feel this misalignment taking place.


For me, what I do comes naturally to me. It is easy and it completely fills me up with joy and energy. I love what I do so much, that it is, pretty much, my favourite thing to do. Yet here I was, building my business, working hard. Because it felt so easy, I made up for that ease by working very long hours. I actually felt guilty for enjoying my work and not feeling like it was hard.


This paradigm was driving the show. It all came from my ancestral lineage, on both sides and it was very strong.


Some signs your ancestral lineage belief system is out of alignment with you are:

  • You work long hours out of guilt
  • You sabotage yourself
  • You work out your hourly rate, as if you had a day job, a little too often and beat yourself up when it’s not where it use to be
  • You feel a sense of doom and gloom (even just a little) when things are going well because you are expecting something difficult to happen
  • You struggle to relax on your down time
  • You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work
  • You have too many irons in the fire


If you are feeling like this then have a look at where your family comes from. The beliefs they have modeled from generations to generation.


Even better, let me clear it out for you!


Much love,




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